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Arizona State University, 2023



POMEGRANATE HOW TO (26:45 performance) 10:45 Video


This performance, done in the comfort of my own home is to invite you to become intimately involved with deseeding a pomegranate in a clean, precise, and thoughtful way. What happens when we truly engage during a "busy" life with something such as cooking or cleaning? finding a deep appreciation and reverence in beholding what is right in front of us. In front of me in front of you. 


A FLUXUS ORCHESTRA: Across Five States (asynchronous group performance) 1:29 Video


This is an iteration of Fluxus score: Rainbow No. 2 for Orchestra by the artist Ay-O in which I recruited other people. "A totally inexperienced orchestra plays a 7 note major scale on various instruments."


Featuring: Guitar 1 (Jake Rinker), Guitar 2 (Mike Coles), Piano 1 (Pam Rinker), Piano 2 (Cindy Sharitt), and Wind Instrumentation - Piccolo, Flute, Clarinet {with no reed} (Michael Isgett).

Special thanks to these folks for collaborating on this performance.




Fluxus art performances for the sake of taking personal orchestration seriously​, you will see three acts sequentially that give three different spaces of viewer entanglement. Are you supposed to be in the shower with me? Are you confronted without context for red or for green? Are you a captive audience member who silently applauds alongside the successes and failures of these major scales?

Attune by Larry Miller:

"Find which note in the octave is yours."

Two Durations by George Brecht:



Rainbow No. 2 for Orchestra by Ay-O:

"A totally inexperienced orchestra plays a 7 note major scale on various instruments."


SIDEWALK CHALK (26:08 performance) 5:52 Video


Wearing a white shirt and white shorts, I walk into frame and pull a "child's" briefcase of colorful chalk out of a another, "adult" briefcase. I proceed to unlatch my case and pick out a piece of chalk, starting to slowly outline my seated body and connection to the briefcases. It evolves from there as my body becomes increasingly active and I continuously trace myself in chalk without pause, except to change color.


I am insisting on my own existence. Questioning our perception of growing over time and the ways in which one might engage with the world as a child or as an adult. The performance ends after I'm done working for the day.


INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK (1 hr performance) 4:25 Video

Arizona State University, School of Art's Letterpress Studio: Vandercook Press and 100 page blank sketchbook


An impossible task: to Print text without using ink.

For ​an hour's duration, I blind embossed 100 pages from a blank sketchbook, rendering a blank stack of cheap, torn out pages that have had the care of running twice through the press. The inkless artifacts of such a meditative repetitious harvest of poems twice read:

"i run my fingers through the silky

cool twilight. her luminous glow

now dimmed, and her

wonderfully bountiful fall is here!"

-Jake Rinker


BACK ACNE 2:43 Video (full performance)


 display the terrain of my back, letting the natural way I'd intently pick at the bumps and zits determine these red marks left behind on my skin as a canvas, but as a drawing that will disappear (though perhaps lead to increased long term scarring). With this, there comes questions of short term and long term visions...collective historical knowledge may or may not impact today's decisions. Time is a personal experience and we attempt to live in the past, present, and future at the same...time. Back acne is merely a conduit for slowing down, being attentive to this body for a moment.


The Planets: JUST IN SUITCASE 5:39 Video


Leaving feels more like, “returning,” because i think of going “back home.” 

The familiarity was the thing that drew me in. The surprises are the things that invite me to stay.

I arrive to destinations, every day, within myself.

Revering my suitcase as a cherished friend to the orchestral soundtrack of Gustav Holst's "The Planets," we go on a journey together as if stumbling upon a lost suitcase...perhaps it was mine. Perhaps I'm finding my way back to myself. Again. Again. Again.

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